THE ARCHER AIM: use technology to provide solutions

In today's world of logistics support, every vendor employs computer technology to process and manage information. How that technology is applied separates Archer from the others. Using current software applications, we provide you personalized information management support in numerous ways. The result is real time response to your concern via accurate, fast information and data delivery.

"Archer 3P Logistics is truly a valued partner for our company. In addition to providing outstanding service, Archer 3P Logistics provides me with peace of mind. I know I can rely on them to use the right technology to get the job done right for the right price. Now that is priceless!

- Tina Ringle
Print Production Manager
Fred Meyer Jewelers

• Digital processing of RFQ/RFP data

• Shipping optimization

• Route building

• Drop shipping

• Postal appointments

• Documentation (BOLs)(8125s)
• Load manifest

• Tracking & tracing

• Customs processing

• Dedicated CSR for each client

• 24/7 accessible personnel

• Customized managed account
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